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After working in the building and remodeling industry for over 45 years and having my own business for over 35 of those years, from 1981 to 2017, I found it was time for a change.  I took my son in as a partner in the year 2002 and we worked together in the business for 15 years until September of 2017.  At that time, my son and me started to have differences as to the direction of the company and not having any desire to argue daily with my son, decided to offer my shares in the company for sale to my son.  It turned out fine as he is now running the company without dad looking over his shoulder and dad is happily retired from the building and remodeling business.  In the meantime, dad is getting bored and started to look for a business he could go into. 


Having some friends on the police department I was curious about the non-lethal forms of self defense weapons they were using, such as tasers, pepper spray and stun guns.  I could see the reasons many individuals would embrace these products such as back up to their fire arm, first response to threats rather than deadly force and also for those that are just not comfortable carrying a firearm but would like to have some method of personal protection for themselves, their family and their home. 


That is where Cutting Edge Safety & Security comes in, making available to you the finest most up to date products available in the personal protection and safety technology field today. 


Please enjoy your visit and if you have any questions about anything on this site, just email me at nickperezsr@gmail.com




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